Matt Carlson’s Week 1 Grades for Each Team in the MLB

Here are my grades of Opening Week.  I plan on updating these monthly.  

Keep in mind that these are simply based off the first week, and will definitely change at my next grading at the beginning of next month.

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • All the hype around Greinke was lost in one at bat.  Two actually.
  • D+

Atlanta Braves

  • With zero wins, and a blowout by the Cardinals tonight, the Braves have a lot to work on
  • F+

Baltimore Orioles

  • Great offense and stellar pitching keeping these guys undefeated
  • A+

Boston Red Sox

  • Maybe it’s the momentum surrounding Price, maybe its the motivation behind Papi’s last season.  Either way, keep an eye on the Boston Red Sox.
  • A-

Chicago White Sox

  • This week has given them a lot of momentum.  Let’s see how long they can keep it up.
  • B+

Chicago Cubs

  • Its so much fun watching these guys.
  • A

Cincinnati Reds

  • Unexpectedly strong start, playing well against both good teams and bad teams.  
  • A

Cleveland Indians

  • In these first few games, the Indians appear to be very streaky.  They’ll have to nail some consistency if they want to clinch the division.
  • C+

Colorado Rockies

  • Trevor Story is awesome.  However, his team needs to catch up.
  • C-

Detroit Tigers

  • Surprising start considering the end of last season.  It’s a long way to go, but this start is a good confidence booster.
  • A-

Houston Astros

  • They may only be a half game out of first place but some of these losses have been embarrassing
  • C

Kansas City Royals

  • The reigning World Champions, as to be expected, are playing solid and consistent.
  • A

Los Angeles Angels

  • For a team with superstar power like Trout, they should be playing with more dominance.
  • C-

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • The Dodgers literally went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows within a span of 24 hours.  Its clear this team has a lot to live up to.
  • B+

Miami Marlins

  • The Marlins are always picked to do well.  They just hardly ever follow through.  At least the weather is nice.
  • C-

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Inconsistent offense will not be helping them any time soon.
  • D+

Minnesota Twins

  • Losing by multiple runs in 3 of of your past 5 games is not how you establish dominance as a baseball team.
  • F

New York Mets

  • The reigning NL Champions are currently at .500 with a loss to the Phillies.  That’s not good.
  • C

New York Yankees

  • Despite the winning record, the Yankees are playing extremely streaky.  Yankees fans better hope the streak holds.
  • B-  

Oakland Athletics

  • Failing to capitalize with RISP is not how you win ball games
  • C

Philadelphia Phillies

  • It may be time to put another figure of William Penn on top of that building.  Hey all else fails at least the Flyers- oh wait.  The Eagles?  Oh…
  • F

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • They came out swinging (pun intended).  Let’s see if they can keep it up.
  • A-

San Diego Padres

  • Despite their 13 run romping of Colorado, going three straight games without scoring while giving up 25 runs to a hated rival is definitely not the way to go.
  • D

San Francisco Giants

  • The pitching may be shaky, but this offense is more than making up for it.
  • A-

Seattle Mariners

  • Robinson Cano has been playing well but the team has given up some easy losses already.
  • C+

St. Louis Cardinals

  • For a team that has dominated much of the past two decades in the NL, this is not a great start for them
  • D+

Tampa Bay Rays

  • Opening Day didn’t look good.  Neither have the rest of their games.  
  • D

Texas Rangers

  • They’ve lost a few in a row, but it looks like they’re slowly finding their stride.
  • C+

Toronto Blue Jays

  • I picked these guys to finish first place in the AL East.  Hopefully this is just a slow start.
  • C

Washington Nationals

  • Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon have had promising starts but Dusty Baker and the rest of the team have a lot to prove throughout the rest of this season
  • B-

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