In-Depth NFL Draft Analysis: #1 – Laremy Tunsil

This is not your typical mock draft.  It’s intended to be a cross between a mock draft and an NFL Breakdown article breaking down prospects.  Much more time will be spent discussing the prospects and the pros, cons and other tidbits about them.  That being said let’s dive right in!

With the first pick of the NFL draft, the Tennessee Titans select Laremy Tunsil from the University of Mississippi

Unless they trade down, I don’t see Tennessee picking anybody else.  The offensive line they have is equivalent to traffic cones, and need improvements immediately for Marcus Mariota to flourish in the NFL.  Tunsil is the best offensive lineman in this class, and drafting him would make sense to improve that offense that also features newly signed DeMarco Murray.

As for the analysis of Tunsil: I’ll start off with a gif:


Look at the fluidity he moves, and the quickness he has.  He’s as majestic as a gazelle. Sure, not elite WR speed, but pretty impressive nonetheless.  It shows how much of an athlete Tunsil is and why he’s valued so high in this draft.  As for what he does in terms of being a tackle, look at this gif: What I like about this clip here is how his technique is.  He is on his toes, keeps his head up and he doesn’t use his body as the main source of his power.  He uses his hands.  It shows an excellent ability in pass protection, which is exactly what the Tennessee Titans need to protect their shiny Mariota.2cd37690ea096cfc043a3915b429bdac

He makes the defender look like he was a sack of flour.  Unbelievable how strong he is there.  He undoubtedly excels at the skills needed to be good in pass protection.  As for the running protection game, he has great vision for defenders on the go, a skill needed to be an elite zone blocker as shown here


He pushes his defender along so the running back can get the yardage.  Granted, the back did not end up with yardage, but it was not his fault, he pushed the defender in the proper mannerism.  However, this may be an issue as Tennessee uses a man to man offensive blocking scheme.  Watching how mobile he is makes it seem that he’d be suited for zone, but I don’t know if he’s big enough to be an elite zone lineman at first.  He has the skills to do the man to man lineman play in the NFL, as shown here: giphy

Tunsil is one strong guy.  He’s quick enough to be able to work with the defender immediately off the snap, indicating the ability to play man blocking scheme, which is the scheme the Titans run.

Overall, I think the Titans stay with this pick and don’t trade it.  There are more elite prospects at their prospective positions than Tunsil is (Ramsey and Jack come to mind), but Tunsil fits in so nicely with the Titans and I feel if the Titans trade down they won’t be able to get the pick that makes the most sense for them.  I don’t think Tunsil will be a super elite tackle out of the gates, but he’ll definitely be a solid starter and improve the offensive line and make the pocket not awful for Mariota.


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