SAC NBA First Round Playoff Preview

Playoff PredictionsIn our last meeting, we compiled some our members’ predictions for the first round of the NBA playoffs. Judging from our picks, we can all agree that the Bulls will likely beat the Bucks, and the Warriors will handle the Pelicans. The Hawks, Rockets and Cavs are also favored to win their series handily as well, apart from the outlier pick in each respective matchup.

The matchup that is most likely to go to seven games, according to our analysis, is Raptors against Wizards. Ironically, six of us predicted the Raptors will win, but five of us predicted a seven game series, so this will be one to watch, especially since the rest of the series in the East could be over early. The Spurs are favored to win a road series against the Clips, albeit in a long battle that could likely go to seven games.

Grizzlies vs Blazers is our most split series, with the Grizzlies being favored by four of us while Portland is favored to win by three members. That should be a good matchup and hopefully it also goes to seven games, because the more basketball the better.

Playoff time has finally begun for the NBA, so if you have a team playing, best of luck. If not, go adopt one. It is going to a fine ride, and we hope you all tune in.


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