Previewing Round Two

These NBA Playoffs have been nothing short of amazing so far. We’re following every minute, and here we go with our (belated) predictions.

Miami Heat-Brooklyn Nets

Rob:  Nets in 6         nets
Diego: Nets in 7       nets
Matt: Heat in 4        heat
Dean: Heat in 6       heat
Brandon: Heat in 6 heat
Frank: Heat in 6      heat
Arman: Heat in 5     heat
Felix: Heat in 6        heat
Matt: Heat in 5        heat
Damon: Heat in 6   heat
Aaron: Heat in 7     heat
Rohan: Heat in 5     heat
Kelvin: Heat in 6     heat


Indiana Pacers – Washington Wizards

Rob: Pacers in 6             pacers
Diego: Pacers in 6          pacers
Matt: Wizards in 6         wiz
Dean:  Wizards in 7       wiz
Brandon: Wizards in 6  wiz
Frank: Wizards in 7       wiz
Arman: Wizards in 7     wiz
Felix: Pacers in 7           pacers
Matt: Pacers in 6           pacers
Damon: Pacers in 5      pacers
Aaron: Pacers in 7         pacers
Rohan: Pacers in 7        pacers
Kelvin: Pacers in 7        pacers

San Antonio Spurs – Portland Trailblazers
Rob: Spurs in 7             spurs
Diego: Spurs in 6         spurs
Matt: Blazers in 6        blazers
Dean:  Blazers in 7      blazers
Brandon: Blazers in 7 blazers
Frank: Spurs in 6         spurs
Arman: Spurs in 6       spurs
Felix: Spurs in 5          spurs
Matt: Blazers in 7       blazers
Damon: Spurs in 5     spurs
Aaron: Spurs in 7       spurs
Rohan: Spurs in 6      spurs
Kelvin: Spurs in 6      spurs

Oklahoma City Thunder – Los Angeles Clippers

Rob: Thunder in 7           thunder
Diego: Clippers in 7        clips
Matt: Clippers in 6          clips
Dean: Clippers in 7         clips
Brandon: Clippers in 7  clips
Frank: Clippers in 7       clips
Arman: Thunder in 7     thunder
Felix: Thunder in 6        thunder
Matt: Thunder in 6        thunder
Damon: Clippers in 7    clips
Aaron: Clippers in 7      clips
Rohan: Clippers in 6     clips
Kelvin: Thunder in 7     thunder

 Enjoy the games!


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